Certificate Programs & Seminars

Level I Year Long Manual Therapy Program

This year long program starts in September and ends in June. In our part-time Level I Certificate Program, we start from the beginning and build from the ground up. Through classroom lectures and labs, students enhance their existing knowledge with an academic foundation of manual therapy. We study clinical biomechanics, therapeutic exercise principles, and communication skills to facilitate patient management. We go in-depth into evaluation and treatment techniques for the spine and extremities, and specifically focus skills development on the areas of study outlined below.

  • Patient management/education as it relates to specific findings and symptom presentation
  • Interpretations of signs and symptoms
  • Clinical reasoning
  • Setting goals
  • Proper technique selection
  • Progression of treatment
  • Clinical Pattern Recognition
  • Symptom Localization
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Provocation and alleviation techniques
  • Joint and soft tissue assessment
  • Mobilization of the spine, rib cage, sacroiliac joint, and extremities
  • Spinal locking techniques
  • Thoracic manipulation
  • Three-dimensional manual unloading/decompression techniques
  • Muscle stretching techniques
  • Spinal exercise prescriptions
  • Medical Exercise Therapy (MET)

In this program, we seek to strengthen clinical assessment and problem solving skills while also invigorating each student’s practice by providing direct feedback during co-evaluation and co-treatment sessions. By performing a thorough subjective interview followed by a detailed and specific objective examination, we design the ideal individualized treatment plan for different patient care situations.

The next Level I class starts September 5, 2024.

In Short

Our Level I Long Term Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Certificate Program is designed to fit the schedule of the working physical therapist seeking extensive training in orthopaedic manual therapy. Scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Professional Physical Therapy Woburn Location with no weekend commitment, this year long training emphasizes manual skills, exercise concepts, and patient self-management techniques. Lab instruction and supervised patient care are provided under the direction of Martin Langaas, PT, OMT, FAAOMT. Completion of Level I earns students a Kaltenborn-Evjenth Certificate in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy.

Application Information

Level II Year Long Manual Therapy Fellowship Program

Our Level II Program is for graduates of the Level I Certificate Program who want to continue to advance their post professional studies with intensive hands-on training. This training includes preparing students for the high-velocity manipulation of joints. In Level II, we dive into lectures and labs, as well as supervised patient care, to master the evaluation and treatment of spinal and pelvic disorders.

We combine and bridge all of our knowledge and manual training together to fully equip students in the management of all of the aspects of patient care. Because, in the end, we are here for the patients and we owe it to them to continually strive to be the best clinicians possible.

Skills Example

Watch a video of an example of skills you will learn in Level II (this is not an instructional video, do not try this technique without proper training and supervision).

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