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Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy

Bridging Science and Care

Since 1993

About Us

Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy

Bridging Science and Care

Since 1993

About Us

Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy

Bridging Science and Care

Since 1993

About Us

Who We Are

We Are Teachers & Leaders

We are teachers, leaders, and skilled practitioners of orthopaedic manual therapy. Since 1993, the Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (IOMT) has been teaching seasoned and new physical therapists alike from across the state and the country how to enhance their skills in orthopaedic care. Our goal is to help you bridge the gap between what you learn in the classroom, read in the literature, and what you see and do every day in clinical care.


We Bridge Science to Care! At the IOMT, we are dedicated to helping you deliver the best patient care possible utilizing a unique and specialized approach.


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The IOMT Approach

The IOMT approach is rooted in the Kaltenborn/Evjenth Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (OMT) System. At its core are in-depth anatomical and bio-mechanical principals developed and fine tuned through years of clinical experience and evidence-based research.


View the Kaltenborn-Evjenth Approach


IOMT emphasizes the sequential process of differential diagnosis. This approach allows treatment to be focused, individualized, and tailored to ensure better outcomes and excellence in quality care.

Learn With Us

At the IOMT, we take pride in helping our students to develop the manual skills and therapeutic exercise techniques that you simply can’t learn from a book alone. Using the Nordic System of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, we create movement specialists by emphasizing motor learning and dynamic control, in addition to training highly skilled manual therapists.


Through our Level I and Level II year long Certificate Programs and our Weekend Seminar offerings, we integrate academics, classroom instruction, and supervised patient treatment to develop the tools you need to be knowledgable, experienced, and seasoned masters of your craft. Our manual therapy graduates routinely credit their IOMT experience for their improved confidence in clinical skills and a newfound professional satisfaction.

Certificate Programs & Seminars

Level I Year Long Manual Therapy Program

This year long program starts in September and ends in June. In our part-time Level I Certificate Program, we start from the beginning and build from the ground up. Through classroom lectures and labs, students enhance their existing knowledge with an academic foundation of manual therapy. We study clinical biomechanics, therapeutic exercise principles, and communication skills to facilitate patient management. We go in-depth into evaluation and treatment techniques for the spine and extremities, and specifically focus skills development on the areas of study outlined below.

  • Patient management/education as it relates to specific findings and symptom presentation
  • Interpretations of signs and symptoms
  • Clinical reasoning
  • Setting goals
  • Proper technique selection
  • Progression of treatment
  • Clinical Pattern Recognition
  • Symptom Localization
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Provocation and alleviation techniques
  • Joint and soft tissue assessment
  • Mobilization of the spine, rib cage, sacroiliac joint, and extremities
  • Spinal locking techniques
  • Thoracic manipulation
  • Three-dimensional manual unloading/decompression techniques
  • Muscle stretching techniques
  • Spinal exercise prescriptions
  • Medical Exercise Therapy (MET)


In this program, we seek to strengthen clinical assessment and problem solving skills while also invigorating each student’s practice by providing direct feedback during co-evaluation and co-treatment sessions. By performing a thorough subjective interview followed by a detailed and specific objective examination, we design the ideal individualized treatment plan for different patient care situations.

The next Level I class starts September 8, 2022.

In Short

Our Level I Long Term Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Certificate Program is designed to fit the schedule of the working physical therapist seeking extensive training in orthopaedic manual therapy. Scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Professional Physical Therapy Woburn Location with no weekend commitment, this year long training emphasizes manual skills, exercise concepts, and patient self-management techniques. Lab instruction and supervised patient care are provided under the direction of Martin Langaas, PT, OMT, FAAOMT. Completion of Level I earns students a Kaltenborn-Evjenth Certificate in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy.

Application Information

Level II Year Long Manual Therapy Program

Our Level II Program is for graduates of the Level I Certificate Program who want to continue to advance their post professional studies with intensive hands-on training. This training includes preparing students for the high-velocity manipulation of joints. In Level II, we dive into lectures and labs, as well as supervised patient care, to master the evaluation and treatment of spinal and pelvic disorders.

We combine and bridge all of our knowledge and manual training together to fully equip students in the management of all of the aspects of patient care. Because, in the end, we are here for the patients and we owe it to them to continually strive to be the best clinicians possible.


Skills Example

Watch a video of an example of skills you will learn in Level II (this is not an instructional video, do not try this technique without proper training and supervision).

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Weekend Seminars

In addition to our Certificate Programs, we also offer Weekend Seminars on varying topics in orthopaedics. In these seminars, we teach manual therapy skills, exercise concepts, and patient self-management techniques. Our Weekend Seminars are aimed to provide a snapshot view of orthopaedic manual therapy, facilitate thought processes, and reinvigorate licensed physical therapists’ skill sets. All Seminars will be held at host partner, Professional Physical Therapy Woburn, MA location.


Current research has confirmed that a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and patient education is the cornerstone of physical therapy treatment for patients with spinal dysfunction. However, during daily clinical practice it can sometimes be difficult to decide on optimal clinical decision making.


To enroll in one of our seminars, click on the Application Information button below.


Application Information

Seminar topics include

  • Anatomy, biomechanics, and pathology
  • Clinical pattern recognition
  • Examination techniques- regional and segmental symptom localization
  • Joint and soft tissue mobilization
  • Active and passive manual stretching techniques
  • Exercise concepts related to specific findings
  • All aspects of patient management
  • Clinical skills you can implement immediately into patient care


  • Lectures and supervised patient care



Level I Program (Starting September 8, 2022)
  • Weeks 1-12 (Tuesday/Thursday)
    • 7:00am-11:00am: Lecture and Lab
  • Weeks 13-40 (Tuesday/Thursday)
    • 7:00am-9:00am: Supervised Patient Care
    • 9:30am-11:30am: Lecture and Lab
Level II Program
  • Weeks 1-10 (Tuesday/Thursday)
    • 7:00am-12:15pm Tues
    • 7:00am-11:00am Thurs
  • Weeks 11-40 (Tuesday/Thursday)
    • 1:30pm-3:00pm: Lecture & Lab
    • 3:00pm-6:00pm: Supervised Patient Care


Upcoming Weekend Seminars

Lumbar Spine: April 15-16, 2023

Cervical Spine: June 3-4, 2023


Online Registration


Meet the Team


Martin Langaas, PT, OMT, FAAOMPT

Director, Founder, and Lead Instructor

Martin is Co-Founder and Director of the Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (IOMT). He graduated in 1982 from the Physical Therapy College in Berlin, Germany, and after graduation, returned to Norway to attend the National Norwegian Fellowship Program. He trained extensively with Olaf Evjenth and Freddy Kaltenborn, the developers of the Kaltenborn/Evjenth Orthopaedic Manual Therapy System. Martin completed the Fellowship Program and obtained his OMT certification in 1989, moving shortly thereafter to the United States.


With a passion for education and teaching, Martin founded and opened the IOMT in Woburn, Massachusetts. In conjunction with Orthopaedics Plus and Winchester Hospital, Martin has been leading and teaching at the IOMT since 1991. There have been many changes throughout the years, but bridging the gap between academics and clinical care has always been of utmost importance. In 2016, IOMT joined the Professional Physical Therapy organization where he also serves as their Co-Director of Clinical Education. Martin now operates IOMT out of the Professional Physical Therapy Woburn, MA Location and utilizes the Professional Physical Therapy network for clinical sites for supervised patient care.



Since 1991, Martin has also lectured and presented workshops throughout the United States. In 2007, The American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT) presented Martin a prestigious award in recognition of Outstanding Instruction in a Post-Professional Clinical Education Fellowship Program. Martin’s goal has always been to assist developing therapists in bridging and integrating academic knowledge with daily clinical practice. Martin also owns and operates a private practice, Langaas Spine Care, in York, ME.

eric kopp, pt


Assistant Instructor

Eric serves as adjunct faculty for IOMT. He is a graduate of IOMT Level II, Class of 2001. In addition to IOMT, Eric is on the Faculty of the Boston University Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship. Eric also serves as the Co-Director of Clinical Education for Professional Physical Therapy. Eric currently treats patients in the Professional Physical Farmington, CT Location location.


Eric’s past teaching experience includes an adjunct faculty position at Quinnipiac University teaching in the Advanced Masters program and taught as a Primary Instructor in various continuing education courses in topics related to Orthopedic Manual Therapy.

David Melchiorri, DPT, OMT

Clinical Mentor/Lab Assistant

Dave is a member of the clinical mentor team of IOMT and supervises care out ofProfessional Physical Therapy Woburn.  Dave earned his Bachelors of Health Science Degree in 2011, and his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2013 from Boston University. Dave completed Level I and Level II of IOMT in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Dave is a teaching assistant in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program at Boston University in the Spine course.  Dave grew up and currently resides in Waltham, MA.

Nicole McManus, MSPT, OMT

Clinical Mentor / Assistant Instructor

Nicole currently serves as a clinical mentor and lab assistant for IOMT. Nicole is a graduate of Level II IOMT, class of 2009. She graduated from Northeastern University with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy in 2006. She is also in charge of new clinician clinical orientation at Professional Physical Therapy where she educates new hires on the clinical philosophy of the company. In addition to her clinical training role, she is the Center Coordinator of Clinical Education (CCCE) for Professional Physical Therapy where she supervises and organizes all collegiate student internships. Nicole currently treats patients in the Professional Physical Therapy Haverhill, MA Location.




I cannot speak highly enough of the IOMT program. Having gone through Levels 1 and 2, my confidence in patient evaluation and treatment have increased significantly and I have seen a real improvement in pt. outcomes. This program is the best thing I’ve ever done in terms of further education. It is centered around a systematic, logical evaluation and treatment process with ample practice time and guided patient treatment. I started the program after 9 years of treating patients and wish I had done so sooner.


Kristie Rowley, MSPT, FAAOMPT

Dover, NH

As an orthopedic spine surgeon and the medical director of the Northern New England Spine center, physical therapy is a very important part of my treatment algorithm. I have familiarity and experience with many physical therapists and their treatment approaches and outcomes. The skills of IOMT trained therapists in clinical assessment and manual therapy and the emphasis on and ability to safely and effectively proceed with therapeutic exercise is unparalleled. Their consistent excellent outcomes make my job easier. Due to my experience over the last 14 years, I refer specifically to IOMT therapists whenever possible.


Dr. Peter Dirksmeier

Seacoast Orthopedic and Sports Medicine

Somersworth, NH

Participating in the Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy has been a career changing opportunity for me. I learned to develop my skills in a way I never imagined would be possible. This program has enabled me to become the physical therapist that I want to be and to meet the career goals that I have set forth for myself. I know in the future it will continue to be an asset to me and to my aspirations. I am thankful to have been a part of this program and I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone wishing to grow and develop his or her manual skills.


Maura Ryan, PT, DPT, OMT, CSCS

Marshfield, MA

I can honestly say that IOMT level I and II were career changing for me. The overall structure, with weekly classes and clinical focus, is unmatched. I was able to develop my manual skills with continuous feedback from the instructors themselves, both in the classroom and during patient care. Meeting weekly allowed me to digest the information, put it into practice, and discuss concepts and techniques with classmates and instructors. This program bridged the gap between academia and patient care. The treatment approach taught at IOMT is systematic, logical, and effective. Above all Martin has hands on skills, charisma, and love for the profession that are unparalleled. He has an even greater ability to pass on these techniques to his students. I would highly recommend this program to all therapists who are looking to excel in orthopaedic physical therapy.


John P. Scafidi, PT, DPT, OMT, CSCS

Owner: PT Solutions, LLC

Middletown, NJ

The residency and fellowship programs at the IOMT have served as the biggest influence in my career as a Physical Therapist. No academic, continuing education, or clinical experience has even come close to instilling the skills and knowledge I need to help my patients on a daily basis like my experience with IOMT. The treatment philosophy is backed up by sound reasoning, research, and clinical experience. And the faculty is amazing in their abilities to teach the complex subject matter in a clear manner. They take great pride in assuring you truly grasp the material. Skills and decision-making are practiced not only on fellow residents, but also on patients to assure carry over in your day-to-day patient experiences. The constant feedback and opportunity to practice under the tutelage of the expert faculty is the most valuable component of this unique learning experience. The confidence in my clinical skills and reasoning gained from my experience with the IOMT has been invaluable. I believe any Physical Therapist who is serious about providing the highest level of orthopedic patient care should pursue training at the IOMT without hesitation.


Michael Stare, DPT, OMT, CSCS, FAAOMPT

Beverly, MA

I attended Level 1 at the IOMPT in 2011. The education and experience I gained in this program was something that I would recommend to anyone, at any level of expertise in the physical therapy field. My clinical practice is performed with greater purpose and organization now. The institute provided me with the knowledge to be a valued clinical resource for fellow staff at the private practice I currently work at. The instructors hold valuable skills on dealing with even the most complex patients, and their individualized support allows you to tackle your own weaknesses. I will never be the same physical therapist I used to be since going through this experience and I’m so much more confident in my current assessment/treatment.


Kate Cote, DPT

Boston, MA

Spending two years with Martin is unquestionably the greatest decision I could have made for my career. As a new grad, taking on a whole caseload can seem daunting – but through Level I students are taught to evaluate patients with a systematic approach. This way of thinking has made work much more enjoyable and significantly less stressful. Continuing with Level II has made me that much better of a clinician and all of my current and future patients benefit from this experience. I would highly recommend any physical therapist looking to further their manual therapy and patient management skills to sign up for IOMT.


Alex Trotsky, DPT

North Andover, MA

We all come out of school with a Doctorate in PT and think we are ready to take on the world. Sooner or later though, we all have a realization that school can only prepare us so much. The Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy takes everything you have learned, expands upon it, and helps create frameworks to understand how to effectively help every patient. Even when you are unsure, you always know how to help the person in front of you. After the institute, you never have a bad day at work and your confidence in your ability to treat patients grows exponentially.


Stephen Vitale, DPT

Boston, MA

I cannot speak highly enough about IOMT and Martin Langaas. The IOMT program has taught me so much about managing and treating patients. My career as a physical therapist has become much more fun and rewarding as my patient outcomes have drastically improved. IOMT helps to simplify complex ideas and theories and helps you develop a system that is logical and leads to improved outcomes. The classes are a combination of hands on skills training and patient discussion. All of the patient contact hours are closely monitored by highly skilled and highly trained therapists that are there to help you develop your skills. All in all, anybody who is looking for advances training to become a better, more confident clinician, look no further than IOMT.


Steve Shevory, DPT

Arlington, MA

For 2 full years I had the privilege to be taught and mentored by Martin Langaas PT, OMT, FAAOMPT The Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy. Martin helped me grow as a clinician and improve patient outcomes by helping me to understand and clinically implement three distinct variables of Orthopedic evaluation and treatment….The way Martin teaches us how to ask our patients the right questions to guide and narrow our objective exam is beyond anything that graduate school, a weekend course, or a research article could ever teach us….Martin brings the emphasis back to how to use your hands the right way. How to mold your hands, how and where you should stand, how high or low the table should be, how and where to position the patient, what direction your manual force needs to be in order to test and treat a painful &/or a dysfunctional joint the right way….In order to improve long term patient outcomes, Martin teaches us how to educate our patients and use analogies to guide the patients understanding of the issues at hand….If you are a clinician and you have the opportunity to enroll in this program to learn from martin, do it. Learning from Martin will save you time and money in the long run.


Ramez Antoūn, PT, DPT

Barrington, NJ


Click here to see the full testimonial from Ramez Antoūn.

Application Information

Program Requirements

Entry into the Level I Year Long Manual Therapy Program is open to graduates of an accredited physical therapy college. All applicants must be licensed to practice in the state of Massachusetts. Candidates must register online and will receive notice that their application has been received. Interviews will be scheduled within a short period from the application being submitted, candidates will then be selected and notified thereafter. Open enrollment.


Candidates for the Level II Year Long Manual Therapy Program must have completed the IOMT’s Level I Certificate Program. Candidates will be selected and notified within four weeks of receiving their application. Class size is limited to six students.

Weekend Seminar Application

Use our online registration and payment form or download and print a PDF application and mail it to:


The Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy

Attn: Emily Lannan

c/o Professional Physical Therapy

300 Tradecenter Dr, Suite 1650

Woburn, MA 01801


Online Registration


Program Application Instructions

Tuition for each program is $4,800. Payment may be paid in two installments. To apply to the Level I Certificate Program, use our online registration and payment form.



The Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy

Attn: Emily Lannan

c/o Professional Physical Therapy

300 Tradecenter Dr, Suite 1650

Woburn, MA 01801


Level 1 Application (PDF)


Online Registration


*Deposits will be refunded if the candidate is not accepted into the program.

Applicant Status Disclosures

A developing program publishes the following disclosures on its website and/or marketing materials, provides them to program participants, and documents participants received notice of these disclosures. Granting of applicant status enables a developing program to publicly disclose a recognized relationship with ACOMPTE and indicate the intent to seek initial accreditation. If a developing program granted applicant status fails to publish required disclosures, ACOMPTE will suspend consideration of the program.


INSTITUTE OF ORTHOPAEDIC MANUAL THERAPY is an applicant for accreditation with ACOMPTE. Achieving applicant status is not an indication that ACOMPTE will grant initial accreditation. If granted initial accreditation, the effective date will be the date of the site visit upon which the successful accreditation decision was based.



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c/o ProEx Physical Therapy

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